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Parth Tanna

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A storyteller at heart, an innovator by profession, and a strategist in practice. My fascination with the world of business and numbers began at the age of 9 in my father's grocery store, sparking a lifelong passion for uncovering the compelling narratives behind data and strategies.


With over 8 years of rich international experience across North America, Europe, and Asia, at the heart of my journey is a relentless pursuit of excellence in driving business strategies, harnessing the power of data-driven decision-making, and managing complex, high-impact projects.

At "The Biz Bites," I blend my deep-rooted love for numbers with my expertise in Product Management, Strategic Planning, Operations, and Software Development. I believe every data point has a story to tell, and every strategy unfolds like a captivating narrative. This website is my canvas, where I paint the big picture of business insights and book learnings drawn from my diverse experiences.

My career has been a vibrant mosaic of roles, from leading process improvements and product development at Gold Star Metals to driving innovation at Samsung and shaping future leaders at American University. I hold an MBA with an Analytics Certification from American University's Kogod School of Business and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, equipping me with both technical acumen and strategic foresight.

I am not just an analyst or a strategist; I am a mentor, a leader, and a collaborator. What sets me apart is my blend of technical acumen and soft skills – a strategic leader known for cross-functional team management, influential communication, and adept program management. My proficiency in a range of technical tools and agile methodologies complements my ability to make data-driven decisions, ensuring both operational effectiveness and strategic growth.

Join me here at "The Biz Bites" as we navigate the complexities of modern business landscapes. This platform is not just a blog; it's a journey of exploration and growth. Dive into my posts, read book reviews, explore new perspectives, and embark on a collaborative adventure with me. Whether you're looking to optimize your business operations, explore new strategies, or engage in meaningful discourse, I'm here to inspire, empower, and transform.

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